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Why choosing Italy for your “Yes, I do”

In the land of Romeo and Juliet - what a clichè - there is a lot of magic to discover!

While there is plenty of history that still maintain well alive within cities and countrysides, several different landscape make of the Peninsula a very unique location for tourism as well as wedding destination.

1 - Landscapes

Whether you are big fan of hiking on the mountain or a sea person, rather than a hills lover - in Italy you can have all of this in one single country! From the Dolomites’ fresh air to the Friulian or Tuscanian hills to the Costiera Amalfitana’s gorgeous coasts, there is plenty of choice for every taste.

2 - Climate

Weather in Italy is a PRO factor - Summer is the most chosen period for weddings but if you want to go for a Spring or Fall one, you are more likely to find a mild temperature in these periods too - especially if you want to go for the southern areas - in Sicily you could still go sunbathing on the beach at the beginning of November!

3 - Food and Wine

Shall we talk about gastronomy? You can delight your guests with delicious and tasty food, alongside with excellent wines - among the best ones in the world thanks to the geographical position!A huge variety of red and white wines are produced in every Italian region - or if you want to stick to traditional.. well, be ready to pop a bottle of Prosecco while sitting in the sunshine!

4 - Art and Fashion

From the classic Art of Michelangelo, Raffaello and Leonardo to the recent one - called Fashion - with the names of Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Valentino, Prada and many others - Italy is the land of continuous seek of Beauty. Are you imagining in your mind the venue you have chosen perfectly styled yet? It will be a guaranteed success!

5 - Honeymoon

As you tie the knot you can still living your dream! Having a destination wedding also mean that you don’t have to spend extra money for an honeymoon - especially in Italy where you and your partner will have loads of place to visit and new experiences to do!

Go unique - my advice is look for venues that are not the mainstream ones in order to feel them like yours - an Italian planner (here I am!) can help you in this point thanks to the knowledge of the language, the territory and the connections with the local suppliers.

Last but not least - TRUST and CONNECTION are key in this process - your planner should be like your best friend, happy to help you solving doubts and filling you with helpful advices. Remember, she is there to help you making your day the best of your life!

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