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Editorial Couture at Chiddingstone Castle, Kent

Everything started from the point that colour is what we need right now - too many lockdowns, too many rainy days. How easily can a pop of colour change your mood?

With this firmly set in my mind I have been developing my vision of this romance from the citrus hues, mixing some evergreen English classics (like the lamp shades that come up on the backdrop and even the table scape) to some authentic and unique young details - the pompom hairband is a touch of happiness to this bridal look!

The reason why I have dared this opposites match is because I truly believe that couples need to create a bespoke experience for themselves and their guests - and if this means break the rules, needs to be done!

Spring details has been brought to life through vibrancy, texture and boldness.

The colour palette plays between shades of blush, orange, tangerine, living coral and soft peach contrasted with a pop of hot pink to give a touch of fierce.

Textures have a very important role in this shoot - the outfits have been accurately chosen following this point : we have been lucky enough to have two Bowen Dryden outfits to work with which have been able to translate this vision in movement and richness while they stand out from the surrounding backdrop.

We really aim to inspire couples not to shy away from bright colours but to use layers of colours to make their magical day fresh and fun.

The Team :

Concept, planning & styling : The Italian Dream

Photography : Kate Boston

Jewellery : Febbie Day / To be adorned

Stationery : Love Paper Co

Headpieces : To be Adorned

Veil : Rebecca Anne

Dresses : Bowen Dryden

Suit: Suit you

Furniture and props: Locate to Create

Glassware: A touch of Vintage

models : Sofia & Ben

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