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No better job

I can't stop thinking about #AlokSharma "better job" thing and I just can't give it a full explanation. It looks like life has been reduced to the basics, like no one is able to enjoy it anymore. The categories of jobs that has been listed in the "not enough useful" are actually the ones that give life a plus, called EMOTIONS. Think about the photographers for instance - are you not smiling while looking at old pictures? That is because MEMORIES create EMOTION. Now, think about your 30th birthday surprise party,where all your besties and the closest family were attending and celebrating your milestone. Were the balloonist, the cake maker, the event planner not able no create an EMOTION in you? Or maybe the Make up artist, the Hairdresser and the maker of your amazing wedding dress did not let you feel like the most beautiful bride on this world on your wedding day? If I have to think that all these jobs are useless and EMOTIONS nees to cut off as something not necessary, well.. Dear Sir you can feel free to live as a cold money machine but I don't believe the world will follow your advice!

Proud of being on the side of the Dreams ♥️


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