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Wedding at the times of Corona

2020 hasn't been the best period to get married as an enemy came across to mess up all the plans - some couples decided to postpone, some others to cancel and let the moment pass.

Said that, Love isn't postponed. In fact, if you and your partner decided to go ahead with the celebrations you could have different options to tie the knot - it will be an unforgettable one for sure, matter of fact!

Option number one is ELOPEMENT : in this case the ceremony will take place between you and your partner together with the celebrant only - as a secret love escape focused on the unity of the couple, very intimate and romantic! you can actually have a super creative one - playing on different details and settings to make it feel you like yours - would you ride a Harley Davidson after your "yes, I do"? Go for it! Or maybe wear an eclectic outfit? Why not! It's all about freedom and character!

Choosing this option doesn't mean you can't let your mind go and create the wedding of your dreams, whenever and wherever you like (don't forget you can get adventurous too!) - you can actually add some kick-ass accessories that will make your wedding even more bespoke!

Option number 2 is MINIMONY - The ‘minimony’ is a the main product of COVID-19 in terms of weddings as it represents a prequel of the proper wedding celebration for those couples had to postpone their wedding.

It brings together a group anywhere from the two of you to around 10 of your closest friends and family and it estabilishes a commitment between the couple who wants to tie the knot no matter what.

Option number 3 is MICRO-WEDDING : we speak about Micro-Wedding if your guests list goes from 20 to 50 people. In this case we have a proper wedding in a small scale, which translates in more manageability and affordability, a part from being more intimate and dedicated to celebrate with your nearest and dearest.

If you are decided to say your "Yes, I do", I will be happy to help you to realise your dream, no matter which inconvenient we could find on our way there - don't hesitate to contact me.



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