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How to plan a customised wedding

It came the moment where your other half of the apple asked you the decisive question - and you came up with a YES, of course! Such an exciting moment, you will be probably waiting for it since a very long time - CONGRATULATIONS!

Now, I bet your mind would fly over all the aspects of what your day will be like but, CALM DOWN and TAKE A DEEP BREATH! Enjoy your engagement while starting to envision your day, talking to your partner on how you really want it. Your wedding day must represent yourselves and no one else (don't let mummy get in your businesses too early! ;)) No matter how super multi tasking you are, planning a wedding day includes loads of stress and inconvenients - especially if you are one of the two walking down the aisle! - so my advice is hiring a planner since the first steps, in order to ensure the celebration runs smoothly and you can fully live the best day of your life. If you think that would be out of the budget, remember that planners will save you time and also money, as having their own network can negotiate the fees with suppliers and vendors!

When talking to the planner you chose to help you out in you dream realisation, you will be asked from the smallest details of your love story to your favourite pop singer at the high school - every single element would help to realise a bespoke and unique event, that you will feel properly yours!

From there, help your vision with mood boards and colour schemes, the planner will start to create in your mind the vision you got - from place cards to bouquet to your page buttonholes, everything will perfectly adhere to your style and personality!

Even choosing the perfect photographer and videographer means a lot - everyone has a different style and as they will create unforgettable memories you may want to have them your style too!

Cake wise - go your way too! Nobody forbids you to have a macarons installation or a donut wall instead of the classic wedding cake! Or if you go for the cake you can always put your own touch giving it a full character too - choosing the perfect cake artist will do the job!

Photo : Claire Bemister Photography

Cake : Alchemy of Sugar

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