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How to choose your wedding planner

Imagine yourself going to buy some ice cream for a dinner you are hosting with some friends at home. (who doesn't like ice cream? As a proper Italian I would have GELATO at any time of the day... Yummy 🤤) Well, once is your turn the guy serving you from behind the fridge will ask you a simple question : " which flavours would you like? “ Now, you don't know your guests' tastes so, not to take the risk, you will buy the flavours YOU like! Getting back from where we start - WEDDINGS - you and your future other half will choose the wedding YOU like, regardless your guests tastes. (It is your wedding after all!) Talking in these terms, that guy who served you your favourite ice cream... Well, he is your wedding planner! No, I haven't gone mad (I know you think so!)! Just stop for a second... ... Maybe before stopping at that GELATERIA you went to other several ones before.. Where you have been served the most recommended flavour but you weren't sure about that.. On the other side this particular guy understood your needs giving you the ice cream YOU WANTED - and he did it with a big smile on his face. This is what choosing the right wedding planner means : being able to find the guy that serves you not the most popular GELATO but the one YOU like most. Can I be your ICE CREAM GUY?

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